Transitional Fossils

A church my husband and I attended some years ago, did a series on apologetics. What I remember most about the sermons is the pastor stating that evolution is only a theory and that scientists have yet to find any transitional fossils.

Not true.

Over the past 3 months, I have been reading books on evolution, ya’ know, since I was not taught much about it from my high school Christian biology teacher. I must admit, I thought evolution was far-fetched and incomprehensible. Then I realized, a lot of stuff is incomprehensible, but that does not mean it isn’t true. Take for example, molecules. I cannot for the life of me grasp how two hydrogen atoms came in contact with an oxygen atom and turned into a water molecule. Likewise, how in the world are we able to send a photograph, or any document for that matter, from one computer through the internet (wherever that is) to another computer and still decipher it? BLOWS MY MIND!

Evolution blows my mind too. Yet, as weird as it seems, the evidence is there. In fact, there is more evidence for evolution than there is for the Hebrews’ Exodus out of Egypt. We do in fact, have transitional fossils. One that shows the transition between reptiles and birds is know as Archaeopteryx. This reptile-like avian possessed wings of a bird, but teeth, claws, and tail of a dinosaur.


Going even further back representing the transition from fish to amphibians is Tiktallik. Tiktallik looks like a cross between early fish and early tetrapods. The head is more like that of a crocodile, with a flat scull and eyes on top. It has ribs like those of early tetrapods, and its fins allowed it to prop itself up in shallow water. It also had primitive lungs as well as gills!

Ambulocetus natans is a species that shows the transition from land dwelling mammals to whales. The Ambulocetus ntans had functional flippers on its front limbs yet vestigial hooves on its hind limbs. Its flexible backbone suggests that it swam with an up and down motion like modern whales and dolphins rather than side to side like fish. Futhermore, modern whales still have vestigial hind limbs buried in their bodies, showing this transition.

Besides there being ample transitional fossils, the fossil layers are very telling. If there had been a global flood 4,000 years ago as the Bible claims, we would expect to find an even dispersal of fossil types throughout the depths of the earth; not a layered increase in animal complexity.


I will close with an answer of the most common questions in refute of evolution.

“If birds evolved from reptiles, why are there still reptiles?”

Simple. That’s not how evolution works. Evolution is not about a single species transforming into a completely different one. Contrary to the popular human evolution cartoon of a quadruped primate transforming into an upright human; evolution creates branches, not linear replacements. Yes, some species die off and become extinct. That’s where natural selection comes in. Sounds like I’ve got a topic for my next post.






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