The Flood and Early Civilizations

I’ve thought about Noah’s Ark a lot – wondering if could possibly be true. Geologically and scientifically I could not make sense of it. Then, it fell apart historically as well.

The unification of Upper and Lower Egypt is said to have happened around 3100 BCE. This means the Egyptian civilization was around before the Flood. How then, were they around after the Flood? Now, let’s assume secular scholarship is wrong at dating Egyptian history, which is quite possible I guess. How long would it have taken after the Flood for 8 people to repopulate the Earth and give rise to all the civilizations that were in existence in the second millennium?

If the Flood occurred around 2500 BCE and Joseph was sold into slavery around 1898 BCE, then the Egyptian civilization would have to come about in only 602 years! And everything that supposedly happened in Egypt prior to this, would be dated incorrectly not by a few hundred years, but by over a thousand!


The Palette of Narmer commemorating the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt (3100 BCE)


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