It Keeps Getting Worse

I woke up this morning thinking about Ken Ham’s claim that there were, conservatively speaking, 16,000 land animals and birds on Noah’s Ark. I think at one point I thought he said 16,000 species were on the ark. It seems as though he means individual animals. Now, let’s analyze that.

Genesis 7:2 says that Noah took seven pairs of the clean animals on the ark. So, that’s 14 individual animals. Now, let’s assume that 1/4 of the animals are actually clean. I really don’t know the percentage, but I using that for kicks.

One fourth of 16,000 is 4,000. Divide that by 14 (7 pairs) and you get about 285 individual species.

Take the number of unclean animals, 12,000 and divide that by two and you get 6,000 unclean species.

So we are talking about there only being 6,285 individual species on the Ark. Today alone there are 5,513 species of mammals, 10,425 species of birds, 10,038 species of reptiles, and 7,302 species of amphibians. Note that those numbers are the amount of species we know of in existence RIGHT NOW! That number does not include every species that ever existed!

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