Child Sacrifice

I read an article today about an Inca maiden whose body was found in 1999 in a frozen and mummified state on the Argentinian volcano Llullaillaco. Hair analysis revealed the types of food she had consumed during her lifetime. Based on the changes in her diet during the months leading up to her death, scientists concluded that she had been a part of a child sacrifice ritual.

As I read the last sentence of the article, my stomach turned.

“Their sacrifice was considered a high honor; it was believed that after their deaths, they would transcend their mortal existence and go to live with the Gods…”

It reminded me of the excuse I received in regards to Yahweh commanding the Israelites to kill every baby and child in Canaan.

“The children would be in heaven.”


Note: If you want to read the full article, there are tons of them on the internet. Just Google “Inca Girl Frozen.”


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