The Mystery of History

I’m not really sure where to start here. I wanted to title this post, “Thank You Ken Ham,” because thanks to his website and his attempt at proving that Genesis is a literal, historical, and scientific explanation of human origins and events, I was able to see how ridiculous it actually is. I’ve already posted on how impossible it is that we now have millions of species of animals when there would have been a limited number of “kinds” on the Ark. And I have mentioned that the Great Flood happening around 2348 BC would eradicate much of Egypt’s history. Yet, this rabbit hole keeps getting deeper and deeper.

I don’t know how I didn’t notice it during our homeschool history lessons. We used “The Mystery of History” as our World History textbook. The author lays out the timeline as such:

The Flood: 2348 BCE,
Sumerians: 2300 BCE
Stonehenge: 2000 BCE
Early Egypt: 3rd & 4th Centuries BCE
Minoans: 2000 BCE

First of all, how would the Sumerian Civilization have come about within 48 years given there were only 8 people left from the devastating deluge? Secondly, could those same 8 people have had enough descendants to populate Sumer, Wiltshire, Egypt and Crete?

I’m not sure why the author dates Early Egypt as being during the 3rd & 4th Centuries rather than the 3rd & 4th Millennium. I will chalk this up to a simple typographical mistake since the main characteristic of this textbook is that it is chronological. I’m sure the author’s intent was to place Early Egypt from 3000-2000 BCE. Yet, how could Egypt have existed before the Flood as well as after?

So we obviously have some problems simply going by this timeline alone. Yet, if we examine scholarly history, we will see even more problems. First, the Sumerians came into existence sometime prior to 4500 BCE, before the Flood. Stonehenge’s construction began around 3100 BCE, again before the Flood. How do we know? “The evidence for when Stonehenge was built comes from radio carbon dates which have been obtained largely from fragments of the antler picks used to dig the holes for the stones and the ditch.” Egypt’s history begins at approximately 6000 BCE with the Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt being at 3100 BCE and the Early Dynastic Period lasting from 2900 BCE to 2300 BCE.

I’m sitting here right now just dumbfounded. I can’t even find the words. I mean, for me to miss it is one thing, but for a book to actually get published with this information is absolutely ridiculous. I believed the Bible before I realized where it all fit into history. I never cared much about World History, much less Ancient History. Years ago, when I would read Genesis, I did not realize exactly when all this was supposed to have taken place. Only during the past year did I begin putting all the puzzle pieces together. And only during the past year did I realize that it just does not work. I do think the author titled her textbook appropriately, because I can see why she saw history as a great mystery.






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