The more history and science I learn, the more apparent it becomes that the book of Genesis is not historical or scientific. I posted a similar comment on Facebook yesterday and a friend posted a link to Josh McDowell’s book “The Bible Handbook of Difficult Verses.” It was marked to a point in the book regarding Adam and Eve. I decided to give it a chance. Somehow, I landed on another book by McDowell called “Answers to Five Tough Questions.” I quickly saw the typical Presuppositional Apologetics that is required to defend the Christian faith.

McDowell starts by assuming the Bible is the word of God and is true. If science doesn’t go along with what the Bible says, he asserts that either the science is flawed or our biblical interpretation is incorrect. He never indicates that science is right and the Bible could be wrong.


Of course, I got angry and annoyed all over again at the misrepresentation of science and the fact that when I give the Bible one more chance, all I am given is biased and twisted information that is used to support a preconceived conclusion.


One thought on “Presuppostions

  1. I have had people tell me while debating with them something similar:
    “The Bible is Infallible”
    So I would ask what would happen if I found something incorrect in the bible. I was told I would be wrong because “the bible is infallible”… nothing wrong with circular reasoning… /sarcasm


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